Ingenious GPS OBD Vehicle Tracker Knowledge Base

This is the era of connected cars where they no more stand in garages to inspect their spare parts for days, instead communicate its own diagnosis to the owner right away!

 Ingenious presents you a self-talking ingenious  device that makes your car not only smart but GENIUS.

What is Ingenious Product ?

It is a package of Ingenious device and software service . When IC device is connected to your car gives information on vehicle performance, engine diagnostics, trip log, fuel cost, racing stats and much more. The data is displayed on your smartphone via our proprietary android app.

How will Ingenious help me ?

The diagnosis visible on the dashboard will help you know about the car s condition. The abnormal parameters found during scanning will be generated as alerts, considered as higher priority and will be asked to get them corrected through a service center. You can note down your vehicle s journey as trips, which can also be fetched automatically. The device will notify you the near about areas like Petrol pumps, Service centers, Garages, Restaurants, etc.

How Could you Save fuel And money using Ingenious?

Hard-Breaking and Acceleration

These parameters can be found in Ingenious Premium that help you know the reason behind fuel consumption, wear and tear of your vehicle when the parameters report failure.

Can I connect to the stereo of my car and Ingenious simultaneously?

Yes. You can play music on your cars stereo and simultaneously do any other activity on your smart phone while  Ingenious is running in the background.

While using Ingenious device my location last updated is 2 to 3 hrs ago, what should I do?

1- At all times check the device to be powered on and is connected to your vehicle.

2- Sometimes this may be due to non-availability of GSM network.

3- If the device is not connected to your vehicle then it may be discharged.

Can anyone track my Ingenious Device?

No, The notifications will be received by Ingenious authentic user. Direct view will require a login and password to access the Ingenious car mobile application.

What is the accuracy of the GPS in my Ingenious Device?

The device is accurate within 20 meters (in open sky) subject to technological constraints like atmospheric conditions, GPS signals etc.

Ingenious Lite
Your smart phone is enough to maintain your travel details and help you with the driving behaviour improvement.

Ingenious Standard
Get ... Set ... Go... with our GPRS based GPS tracker. Monitor and control your vehicle from any corner of the world.

Ingenious Premium
Get vehicle diagnosis at your finger tips with the travel details with our Ingenious  OBD II  device and analyze your vehicle health anytime, anywhere, everywhere.

What does Ingenious Lite offer?

Lite Package is an application that makes it easy to provide features like tracking, maintaining trips, driving analysis , nearby places , maintaining service records SMS alerts, automatic alerts to emergency contacts, etc. by using your mobile phone s GPS. The package neither gives any device kit nor it asks any to be attached to the vehicle.

User using Ingenious Lite package need not to start their application everytime to record the routes.*
Although the application is OFF with no net connection, GPS of the mobile phone must be turned ON to capture the lattitude and longitude of the places you travel.

Note: User have Android Oreo are recommended to turn on the application before driving if they have subscribed to Ingenious Lite package.
Users having version below Android Oreo need to have Ingenious application installed with their respective login. They need not to start the appication every time before driving.

Why should I purchase Ingenious Lite ?

Lite package gives briefing about the Ingenious Car. When you want to know our services, try using the Ingenious Lite package. Using Lite package reduces the Dongle requirement and gives the Location statistics, speed and other parameters through mobile phone. The mobile data should be turned ON to access the details. The privileges provided in this package are SMS alerts, Nearby locations, automatic alerts to emergency contacts, fuel lock, service records.

What does Ingenious Standard offer?

Ingenious Standard Package comes with a kit containing GPRS based GPS tracker, the user manual to help understand the device s connection to the vehicle. Subscription to the package helps user avail facilities of Ingenious Lite Package as well as the native package features like Geofence alerts, Speed, Over speeding alerts, tracking vehicle in the parked area.

Why should I purchase Ingenious Standard ?

Ingenious Standard supports multiple vehicle on a single user account. You can subscribe this package for yourself as well as to safeguard your family members vehicles. This package is suitable for a small-scale business with minimum number of vehicles to monitor your drivers behavior and condition of your vehicle.

What does Ingenious Premium offer?

Premium package makes use of the OBD II device. It provides real time diagnostics of engine health and the overall car. It includes the features of Lite and Standard packages. If you need the complete vehicle health to detect issues with the engine s health and performance, then Premium is the best suit.

Why should I purchase Ingneious Premium ?

Ingenious Premium comes with a kit containing
 OBD II device
 An Interfacing cable
 Quick start guide
 to help understand the device connections to the vehicle.

Subscription to the package helps user avail facilities of Ingenious Lite Package as well as the native package features like Geofence alerts, Speed, Over speeding alerts, tracking vehicle in the parked area.

Welcome to the Ingenious world of cars!

Gear up to know more about our product and its usage.  Know what are the necessary steps for registration and device activation.
Decide what kind of user you want to be for Ingenious and get the priviledges accordingly.

Refer the following FAQs about what you need to do to access the application in the easiest way.
1-How do I register for the product online?
2-How do I register for the product offline?
3-How should I activate the devices ?
4-Why is device activation important?

Online mode of registration

Option I: If you have already choosen the package you wish to purchase?

i.   Access Subscription from the header or from the web site.
ii.  Select a package either Ingenious Lite, Standard or Premium.
iii. Check the details, view the Terms of Service and Policies ; clicking on Terms of Service and Policies auto-checks the agreement.
iv. Proceed for Registration . While registration enter the appropriate address as it will be considered as home location. 
v.  Verify the registered E-mail ID by entering the OTP. 
v.  Check out and make Payment.
vi. Login to access the user web portal.

Get ....Set....Go ......You are ready to explore the your account !

Option II: If you do not know what package is to be purchased !
i.   Access Register option from the  header.
ii.  Enter your details and view the Terms of Service and Policies ; clicking on Terms of Service and Policies auto-checks the agreement.
iii. Verify the registered E-mail ID by entering the OTP.  
iv. After the e-mail verification, you can login to the web portal.  As any package has not being purchased; the partial menu is disable       with only the User Profile , Buy New Subscription as activated tabs.
v.  Purchase a package among the given list. Apply PROMO code if available. You will receive the devices in few days  if you have purchased Ingenious Standard or Ingenious Premium packages.
If you have purchased Ingenious Lite package, you can start using the application from the very moment.
vi. On receiving the devices, get the devices activated so as to  start using the application to the full.

To know how to activate the devices, refer the questions in the side panel.

What if I have purchased the devices from the Re-seller i.e. Offline?

i. Access Register option from the  header.
ii. Enter your details and view the Terms of Service and Policies ; clicking on Terms of Service and Policies auto-checks the agreement.
iii. Verify the registered E-mail ID by entering the OTP.  
iv. After the e-mail verification, you can login to the web portal.  As any package has not being purchased; the partial menu is disable with only the User Profile , Buy New Subscription , Activate Devices as activated tabs.
v. Access the Activate Devices menu from the side bar.

To know how to activate the devices, view the questions form the side panel.

How should I activate the devices?

i.   After purchasing the package, you will receive the device in a few days.
ii.  The packaging box contains the activation key. This 16 digit key is unique and specific to each and every device.
iii. Access the menu Activate subscription on the web portal/ mobile app.
iv. Select the mode of purchase either online or offline.

On selecting the  Online mode , enter the device ID and their respective activation key.

On selecting the  Offline mode , enter the Re-seller details, billing details,   No. of vehicles, device ID and their respective activation keys.

All these keys will be verified by the system and only then the device is considered as active.

The last step to get complete access to the web portal is adding the users and vehicle details in the application. Please refer to the FAQs in the side panel.

Is the device activation important?

Yes. Without activating the devices, they are considered to be inactive by default and the users cannot receive any data from the devices. From the day of device activation, the package is considered to be activated, i.e. the subscription start date will be from the day of activation and the end date will be 365 days preceding it.

E.g. If you purchase Ingenious Standard Package on August 15, 2018 and activate the devices on August 22, 2018. The subscription start date will be considered as August 22, 2018 and it will end on August 21, 2019.

Important note while activating the devices

1-If you have purchased 10 Ingenious Standard Devices and if you want to use only 4 devices at the moment then, we recommend you to add the  No. of vehicles  as  4  and not  10 .

2-Consider that you activate 4 devices on August 22, 2018. The system will ask you to enter the Device ID and their respective Activation keys.
With this, the subscription will be considered for 4 devices only for the preceding 365 days i.e. till August 22, 2019.

You can repeat the same process for the remaining devices on the days you wish to activate, so as to avail the benefits of 12 months subscription for the devices.

What should I do after activating the devices?

Once the device activation is done, the user need to do basic setup of the account.
It is mandatory to add the vehicle information and users against the vehicles.

Scenario I: If a client has purchased only one package (i.e. one device w.r.t. one vehicle )
User type:
Single User with  Tenant admin rights
Privileges: Can add one more user in the system. If you don t want to assign a vehicle to yourself but wish to assign it to any other user, you can add another user s details.

By following the steps given below the single user can get complete the account  set-up:

i. Web Application: Access Manage Vehicle >Enter the vehicle details  with respect to the number and type packages subscribed.
Mobile Application: Access Vehicle Profile >Enter the number of vehicles  with respect to the packages subscribed.
E.g.: As you have purchased only one vehicle, you can add the details of one vehicle and the respective devices purchased.

ii. Attach the device to the vehicle. Please refer the Knowlege Base to know about the device  details and attachment.

Scenario II: If a client has purchased  a package for more than one vehicle/ Purchased multiple packages of same or different type.
User type:
Tenant admin
Privileges: Has a privilege to add multiple user and vehicle details.

By following the steps given below the Tenant admin can get complete the account  set-up:

i. Web application: Access Add Users > Create user profiles  with respect to the vehicle count.
Mobile application: Access Settings > User Management > Enter the number of users with respect to the vehicle count.
E.g.: If you have subscribed for 4 vehicles, then you can add 5 users, but assign only 4 users to the vehicles. ( In case if you do not want to use the vehcile but the sub-user does).

ii. Web Application: Access Manage Vehicle >Enter the number of vehicles  with respect to the packages subscribed.
Mobile Application: Access Vehicle Profile > Enter the number of vehicles  with respect to the packages subscribed.
E.g.: If you have subscribed for 4 vehicles, then you can only 4 vehicles.

Note: You can add the users and assign them vehicles at your space.
If you(Tenant Admin) intend to use the application, it is mandatory to assign a vehicle against yourself to get the product benefits.

Attach the device to the vehicle as per the device installation instructions.

Test the device (if the device does not work properly on attachement )

i. Access Manage Vehicle > Test Device(icon).
After clicking on this icon, commands will be sent to the device to test the current geo-location and the ignition of the vehicle.
If found active, the device is considered to be healthy and in working condition. 

If still the device does not respond with data, contact the Ingenious  help desk.

What if the OBD device falls off the port in the vehicle?

i. OBD device when attached to the port, may get subjected to friction due to constant movement of the vehicle, espically due to the speed breakers or the rough roads.

ii. In such a case it is adviced to use the Interfacing cable, with one end attached to the port and the other to the device.

iii.The device can then be kept aside from where it doesn t fall off.

What are the types of users?

System categorizes the  clients in two broad categories: Online users and Offline users.

Online Users: The customers who place order for the packages through the website are treated as online users.

Offline Users: The customers who get the packages from the Re-sellers are the offline users.

What privileges do the online users get?

Online users can renew, upgrade and cancel the packages through the web portal at their space and get the fee redemption benefits as per the policies.

 While purchasing the package we recommend the users to read the user policies thoroughly.

Privileges for the offline users

Privileges for the offline users

1-Offline users can buy the devices from Re-seller through any mode of payment. They can either pay in cash, through digital wallets, online money transfer, etc.

2-They are devoid of package upgrade and cancellation as Netwin does not play the role of an intermediate while receiving payments from the offline users.

Ingenious comes with a pact of startling features to suit your needs and help you in the time of need.
Let s have a look at what Ingenious has bought for us.

        Vehicle engine diagnosis
        Harsh driving inspection
        Geo-fence for anti-theft, towing alerts, Monitoring the location of sub-users
        Find my car
        SOS /Emergency Calls
        Fleet management of vehicles
        Document wallet

Vehicle engine diagnosis

With today s technology it is possible to scan a vehicle anytime, anywhere, everywhere! Not only scan but also analyse the data and vehicle  health.

1-Distance per trip, each segment of trip
2-Speed  parameters per trip, each segment of trip
3-Maximum engine load
4-Ingenious device battery voltage
5-Car battery voltage
6-GPS signal strength with respect to the device
7-Intake manifold air pressure
8-Number of accelerations, breaks
9-Idle status of car

Users have a privilege to view these parameters while they see the recorded trips.

Harsh driving inspection

Are you bothered about your kid s driving behavior or own you driving scares you?
Ingenious helps you know how good you can drive by highlighting the bad driving parameters.

Let s have look at the bad driving parameters Ingenious focuses on:

Harsh acceleration
Excessive force applied on the pedals while driving or at idle position  to increase the speed is called as harsh acceleration.

Harsh breaking
Excessive force applied on the breaks while driving the vehicle is called as harsh breaking. There are major chances of the vehicle to skip from the track due to abnormal breaks.

Excessive Idling
Vehicle when at speed 0 km/hr with ignition ON is considered to be in idle state. This consumes the fuel and battery thus reducing the battery life and burning excessive fuel.

All these are the uneconomic ways of driving any vehicle and thus Ingenious make sure that these parameters are highlighted to the user, to help improve the driving.

These parameters are displayed as events in the My Trips page where you get redirected to the location of event being occurred on the map.

Geo-fence for anti-theft, towing alerts, Monitoring the location of sub-users

How wonderful it is to learn that your application gives you alerts of the desired location whenever you cross it by  helping  you remind that either you are at an important place or you need to be aware of a dangerous place.

Geo-fence for anti-theft:
when your vehicle is at parking, you need not to bother about anybody coming closer to it, breaking the locks and driving off to undesired location because now even if this happens, you will get notified if your car moves out of place and where it goes !

Geo-fence for towing alerts:
Oh! Your vehicle is being carried away because somebody wants to steal it? or it broke and you don t know where it is being taken? or you have parked it at a wrong place?
Ingenious helps you know where your  vehicle is being taken without your knowledge. First, you get a notification that it is being towed away. Second,  you can find its route by accessing Track my car or My Trips > First trip( living tracking /open trip).

Geo-fence for monitoring:
Are you worried about your children not attending their classes regularly or visiting not so likely places?
No more with Ingenious! Set an electronic fence at the places of your choices on the map and learn where are your loved ones.

We help you set the Geo-fence as
In : when the vehicle enters the desired place.

Out : When the vehicle leave the desired place.

In and Out: When the vehicle enters and leaves the desired place.

One time /Permanent: You can choose the type of Geo-fence to be temporary or permanent.
All the Geo-fences can be found in notifications. 

Find my car

Now no more you need to waste your time and get worried about you vehicles in the parking lot.
Find my car option allows you to find your vehicle any where at the parked destination.

You can access this option from Track n Trail > Find my car.

On the map you will get the route form your location till the vehicle s location.

* This option is available only on the mobile application for Ingenious Standard and Premium.


We care about your safe and easy travel. There is no need to ask people about the places you need to visit while travelling .It is now possible to search for any desired location just in a click displayed on the map.

Nearby search allows you to select the places like Hospitals, Garages, ATM, Servicing centers, Hotels , etc.
You get the nearest first in the option chosen with its location on the map.

* This option is available only on the mobile application.

SOS /Emergency Calls

Ingenious application is designed for your safety no matter where you travel.

Our application predicts how you drive and in what conditions and generates and SOS if found danger while driving.
We recommend you to save four important contact numbers of your near and dear ones. In the time of danger such as an accident prediction the application sends a text message to all the four contacts and gives a call on the first contact number, for your loved ones to know about your wear about.
This feature cannot be disabled as it is a prime function of Ingenious application.

* You can feed the contact details through web application. The feature sends text messages through mobile application only. 

Fleet management of vehicles

Using Ingenious it is possible to monitor your near and dear ones though your user web portal.
 You can know their  travelling status , current location and vehicle health simultaneously.

If you purchase a package for your family/business, it is possible to add the  sub-users in the system depending upon the package purchased for number of vehicles.

Consider, Raman is the user who runs a small scale business and owns 10 vehicles.
Raman is recommended to purchased 10 packages either Ingenious Standard or premium, which ever suits his needs. Thus he can add 11 users in the system (including himself) where he can assign the vehicles to the users respectively.

Their vehicle details can be seen by Raman where he can  check the current location of all his vehicles, statistics, trips made, the driving behavior of all the drivers,etc.

Document wallet

How tedious it is to remember about the insurance documents and the vehicle maintenance details.
Here comes and app with all-in-one  documentation.

Ingenious mobile and web application comes with a provision where you can store the records of vehicle services and fuel logs.
More over, it also has a provision to store the medical and vehicle insurance details.

This provision has been made to help you with the reminders of the next servicing date or the upcoming insurance renewals.
Ingenious helps you with the reminders 7 days and  30 days prior the due date and help you become vigilant of your responsibilities. 

Way points and Geo-tagging

Make your travel experience beautiful with Ingenious.
Do you forget where have you captured your beautiful pics, do not worry as we  provide you with an option to add your photos on the map and tag important information at any location.

What is a waypoint?
Way points are the markers the users wish to tag with the map. Photos, texts or pre-defined waypoints can be used to add on the map.

To access way points:
My Trips > access any trip > Waypoint

How should I create a Geo-fence?
Geo fence can be created on an Open Trip. Tap on the Geofence  floating button and then on the desired location on the map. The location pointer is drag able. Geofence of 50 m is set.

Driving Score

It is  calculated from the  harsh driving parameters like harsh acceleration, harsh driving excessive idling.

Driving score is used to grade the driving of the users.  The user is given a grade as good , better or average .

Statistics is displayed on the dashboard.

Driving score is used to state how well a person can drive!

Anti-theft for vehicles

Ingenious users need not bother about their vehicles, wherever it is parked.
Access your mobile device, check for the Settings > Anti-theft.
This features comes with a  timer that monitors your vehicle location, and send notification on the mobile device. 

How to set a timer for anti-theft?
1- Access your mobile device, check for the Settings > Anti-theft.
2- Turn ON the Theft-alert. It is mandatory to keep the alert setting ON always to receive notifications.
3- Select the pattern whether Standard i.e. Permanent or One time i.e. temporary.
4- Set the Start and End time for the Anti-theft feature to take action.

You will get notified if the car is driven or towed  from the location in the set time only.

Alerts and Notifications

We help you to stay updated with your vehicles health and status 24*7.

What alerts does the system notify?
1- Harsh accelerations
2- Harsh breaks
3- Excessive Idling
4- SOS alerts when the system detects a mishap while driving
5- Towing alerts
6- Ingenious  Device attachment and removal
7- Geo fence alerts
8- Servicing reminders

Notifications in the application and through E-mails:
1- Licence expiry
2- Package expiry

Ingenious OBD II device and Tracker gives the engine diagnosis and fault codes when the vehicle starts malfunctioning and alerts the cuser to take action before any hazards take over.


Kit also provides an Interfacing cable, which is used to attach the OBD II device to the port. It has been observed that a few devices give better response in terms of net connectivity if attached through the Interfacing cable.

What is Ingenious OBD II ?

Vehicles are now said to be computing machines, as they come with the processors to monitor the vehicle subsystems. Vehicle subsystems are interconnected via CAN bus to the On Board Diagnostics board which consists of an Engine Control Unit (ECU). The OBD II port present in the car help give all the ECU parameters via the Ingenious OBD II device.

Ingenious OBD II Dongle is specially crafted to make it compact, easily portable, robust enough to capture accurate vehicle parameters and send it to your mobile device via cloud.

Which Vehicles support OBD II port ?

All the vehicles manufactured after 2007 support OBD port.
And hence IC OBD II dongle can be used for all the cars manufactured since then and also on the commercial vehicles after 2007.

Where to attach the Ingenious OBD II to your vehicle?

The OBD II device port is available beneath the dashboard below the steering arrangement.

Step I: Insert the activated GSM SIM card.

Step II: Make device and SIM details entry in the application before attaching it to the vehicle.

Step III: Go to Manage Vehicles > Add Vehicle > Add device (option is visible only after  adding the vehicles)

Plug the device into the port. The device gets charged through the vehicles battery. Turn ON the vehicle once. The system is now ready to give you insights. To know about the exact placement of the OBD port in your car, please read the car manual.
We should have one option on dashboard or menu to check OBD, first time when user connect it he will click to see if we are getting OBD data.

How to check the status of IC OBD II when the device is attached to the OBD port ?

Power LED:
1- Continuously blinking - Device is on
2- Continuously OFF - Device is off

1- Permanently switched OFF - No GPS signal
2- Blinking every second - Fixed GPS signal

Process LED(RED):
1- Blinking every second - Normal mode
2- LED is OFF - Device is not working/ Sleep mode

1- Blinking every one second - Before SIM registration
2- Blinking fast continuously - After SIM registration

 LED is OFF - Device is sleep mode

The IC OBD II device  has self  battery that gets charged when attached to the vehicle. Hence, the behaviour mentioned as above mentioned continues even after the device is plugged out.

What is Ingenious GPS Tracker ?

IC GPS Tracker is a GPRS based GPS tracker that supports 2G connection. Unlike other variants of GPS tracker that come with Bluetooth and WiFi technology with its drawback of sharing data in limited space.

IC GPS Tracker curbs this limitation by allowing you to receive your vehicle location and routes traced remotely through cloud.

How to check Ingenious GPS tracker status?

Power LED:
1. Red LED ON - Device is on
2. Red LED OFF - Device is off

1. Blue LED OFF- No GPS signal
2. Blue LED Blinking- Fixed GPS signal

Process LED:
1.Red LED Blinking - Normal mode
2.Red LED OFF - Power mode

1.Green LED OFF - Module / Device OFF

Where to attach the IC GPS Tracker to your vehicle?

The IC GPS Tracker is attached to the Vehicle battery in the following way:

Step I: Insert an activated GSM SIM in the GPS tracker.
Step II: Make device and SIM details entry in the application before attaching it to the vehicle.
Step III: Go to Manage Vehicles > Add Vehicle > Add device ( option is visible only after  adding the vehicles)

The device comes with 3 wires and specific arrangements:
1- Red wire(Battery wire) - Connect it to the Cars battery wire.
2- Green wire(Ignition wire) - Connect it to the Ignition wire of the car.
3- Black wire-(Ground)- Do not connect it.

Note: Our company does not provide you the GSM SIM card.

Would it be harmful if I left Ingenious attached in my car for long?

It is a self battery operated device which works for 6-7 hours on its own.

Does Ingenious alter my cars ECM in any manner?

No it does not. It is a device which reads the information produced by your cars ECM. It does not alter its functioning or performance in any manner.

Would my car warranty be altered because of Ingenious?

No it wont get altered. Ingenious is a plug-n-play device, which when connected, just tells you the data as given by cars ECM. It does not modify your cars or its ECM s functioning in any manner. It s like plugging a pendrive in your stereo system.

How many days post ordering would the device be shipped?

The device is shipped within 8 days of order placement.

Want to change the name of my Ingenious device, What should I do?

You cannot change the name of Ingenious device, in order to differentiate among the multiple devices purchased, the names are appended with the Package name and date of purchase.

With the era of mobile phones, one can download our mobile app for easy accessibility and get all your questions to be answered at your fingertips. It is designed to enjoy all benefits/ features of website in a very convenient fashion.

Try the App now.

How do I create an account?

1-You can register yourself for Ingenious Car using mobile application or the web application.
2- Verify the E-mail account as this will be used as the user name.
3- Login after account verification.
4- After Login you will get access to the portal where you can change the Settings> User Profile,  Activate Devices, Knowledge Base.
5- To avail the benefits of our product, subscribing to either of packages is mandatory. So please buy a package and get complete access to the portal.

After purchasing the product, the devices need to be activated. Please refer the FAQs on the side panel to know how to activate the devices.

Which mobile OS is supported and where to check the version?

The product features are currently available on phones with Android OS.
OS version supported: Android 4.4 (Kitkat) and above.

To check the Android version, go to > Phone Settings > About Phone.

Note: User have Android Oreo are recommended to turn on the application before driving if they have subscribed to Ingenious Lite package.
Users having version below Android Oreo need to have Ingenious application installed with their respective login. They need not to start the appication every time before driving.

What special features does the mobile app offer which are not given for the web application?

 Nearby for Roadside assistance
 Find my car are available on mobile application only
 Anti-theft for vehilces

These features have been made available on the mobile application to help the users with real time experience to make the application use easy.

Will the application work without the Ingenious devices attached to the vehicle?

Ingenious Lite:
This package makes use of Smart phone and hence, there is no need to get any GPS or OBD tracker.

Ingenious Standard:
 You need to connect the Ingenious GPS Tracker to the vehicle, only then the application will show accurate data.

Ingenious Premium:
 Application will show accurate data only when Ingenious OBD II device is attached to the vehicle.

Does the application consume data?

Yes, the application will work only when connected to the Internet.

Would the app continue to work if network is lost during the trip?

The app would still work in no network areas. It will again plot and start from the next point it received signal. The in-between path will be joined by a dotted line.

Would there be an additional cost associated with app?

There would be no extra cost for the app nor would you require to do any in-app purchases.

The alerts are delayed, why so?

This may be due to network connection errors. The server immediately sends alerts to the respective mobile numbers/email ids.

People are fond of travelling. Not simply travelling but, also they want their trips to get recorded automatically without human interference.
We have taken care of all the user needs to provide the best of travelling experience we can give you. Geo-tag your lovely pics on the go!
View the recorded trips with parking points, halts, stops & analyse how you travel.

How are the trips recorded?

Trips are recorded automatically without setting it manually, hence called as Auto Trips .

1. What is an Auto-trip?
The trip that is connected  from home  to home location is considered as an Auto-trip.

2. What is a Segment in a trip?
i.  The route recorded between two Park points of the vehicle is called as a segment.

ii. Segments occur in a trip if the vehicle has stopped twice for more than an hour at a place until it reaches the home location or the set    destination.
The trips may or may not have a segment.

E.g.  Consider a user having home location as his house address in Dadar, Mumbai.
All this trips will be started and ended in Dadar irrespective of the days travelled by Auto trip functionality (default).
If the user decides to travel to Delhi and again back to Dadar, Mumbai, the trip will be displayed in the form of segments.
*It is mandatory to select the segments to view the  trips.

Park Points

Vehicle parking is considered as a Park Point .
Whenever a  vehicle is turned OFF for more than  5 minutes , system considers it as a Park point.

Note: Park points are displayed on My Trips > Map, denoted as P .


When a vehicle stops at a location with ignition ON for greater than 2 minutes and less than 5 minutes , system consideres it as a Stop point.

Note: Vehicle stops  are displayed on My Trips > Map, denoted as S .


When a vehicle stops at a location with its ignition OFF for less than 5 minutes, system consideres it as a Halt .

Note: Halts are displayed on My Trips > Map, denoted as H .

Why a few trips are missing from the trip record ?

The trips with distance travelled as 0 km/hr are not considered by the system. This provision has been made show the trips containing accurate routes.

When will the trip distance be 0 km/hr ?

1- If you turn ON and OFF the vehicle multiple times at the home location or starting location of the trips, the distance is 0 km/hr and is eliminated by the system.
2- If you take shorter drive within the set home location, the distance calculated in this case will be 0 km/hr which will not be considered by the system.

TPIN (Telephone Personal Identification Number) is a 4 digit numeric key mentioned on the user profile page of the Tenant Admin.

If the already existing user (specifically the Tenant Admin) wishes report the issues about  the product or requests for suggestion TPIN will be asked at the Help Desk.

It is mandatory for the user to inform the TPIN, or else the user will not be considered legitimate.

Users are recommended to read the policies  carefully before subscribing the packages.
Policies explain the instructions for upgrade, renewal , cancellation and replacement of device.

All that you need to know about the payment details

1.  Every package includes setup fee and subscription fee. Initial sign-up fee is consisting of setup fee and one-year subscription fee.
2.  Setup Fee: per vehicle as per the package. Setup fee will be one time pay.
3.  Subscription Fee: Subscription fee is with respect to 12 months for each package per vehicle.
4.  This package is non-transferable. It should be used only by the customer who registered it and on registered vehicle only.  In case customer want to use the device from his one vehicle to his own another vehicle, then he has to close the previous vehicle on the portal and add new vehicle.

a)        If the device is damaged by the user, privilege to purchase a new device with respect to the package has been given.
In this case, user will be asked to pay the setup fee (device price) and not the subscription fee. 

How does the renewal plan work?

1- No Setup fee will be asked for the package.

2- Annual Subscription fees per vehicle will be accepted.

3- Renewal will be with respect to per package and vehicle.

What if I want to upgrade my current plan?

The packages has different hardware devices, so setup fee need to be paid for upgradation. In case while adding any new vehicle, the setup fee will be required to be paid for new vehicle

  1- Upgrading package before completing the previously purchased package up to 12 months: Differential amount of the subscription fee for each package will be asked to pay by the user.
  2-Upgrading package after completing the previously purchased package after 12 months: Complete amount for the Package will be asked to pay.
  3-Every package upgraded will be valid till 12 months from the day of upgrade processed.

How can I cancel my subscription?

    1-Cancellation can be done if customer is not happy with the product. In this case, the users may be subjected to inquiries from Ingenious Customer Care regarding the product services and customer satisfaction.
    2-"No return of device": On canceling the package, neither the device will be accepted from the user, nor will be forced to ship to the company. The user has a right to keep the device even after canceling the package.
    3-Setup fee will not be refunded to the user when the package is canceled.
    4-If a customer wants to cancel the product within 90 days of purchase then he is eligible for refund on subscription fee only on pro-rata basis (i.e. for the remaining subscription period). In this case, no setup fee will be refunded.
    5-After 90 days, there is no refund for the cancellation.
    6- The subscription package cannot be transferred from one customer to another customer or from one vehicle to another vehicle. The subscription of one vehicle cannot be added as additional period to another vehicle.

What should I do to replace the device if it has hardware issues?

1- In case if the device is found defective, the user can ship it to the company to diagnose the device status. Further the device will be shipped to the manufacturer for defect testing of the hardware and firmware.

2-If the manufacturer agrees to the defects form their end, only then the device is subjected to replacement.

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Where should I search for the PROMO Codes or the discounts applicable?

Discounts and Promo codes are available on the social media promotional pages, and the re-sellers of the product. 

Give me Information about the Re-sellers of Ingenious Products.

The stakeholders interested at purchasing the Ingenious Car product from us and helping it making  easy for you to purchase the product at the local stores are the Re-sellers of Ingenious.

Read the questions carefully related to the subscription of various packages and the modes of payment used.

What payment options are accepted?

We accept payment through either of payment options mentioned below:

1- Net Banking
2- Credit Cards
3- Debit Cards
4- Mobile Payments
5- Paytm
6- Wallet
7- UPI

Note: Payments will be accepted only from Nationalized Banks.

Is COD available for the products?

Ingenious Lite does not require COD as it does not deal with any external device to be attached.

Whereas the packages that deal with devices like Ingenious Standard and Ingenious Premium are not given on COD but, can be availed through resellers on cash.